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You leave and there is nobody to entrust your four-footed or feathery friend? Everyday circumstances have changed and you cannot contain more at home the favourite pupil? The animal has grown old and became in burden? It doesn't matter! After all fortunately there is our shelter for pets. Call us, and welcome to the oldest and most inexpensive pets hotel in Moscow "SOKOLNIKI" where more than 25-year-old operational experience with animals causes the professional approach on courting and maintenance of various kinds. Our hotel for animals adheres to individual approach principle for each concrete doggie,kitty or parrot. The careful inspector who is responsible for your favourite, will provide not only habitual mode of feeding, but also physical exercise of the pupil, and round-the-clock video observation will exclude undesirable surprises. In our clinic is possible also to resort to the help of professional veterinary surgeons, to make necessary vaccination and veterinary survey. We accept in time vaccinated animals only. The aged or not vaccinated pets we accept to quarantine (read rules of reception of aged and not vaccinated animals). With every client we sign the official contract in which all requirements of the owner in a diet and care of animal register. There are various programs of residing. The separate point of the contract provides voluntary life insurance in time vaccinated and not aged animals for all period of validity of the contract with guaranteed compensation of damage to health limited to 1 000 euros. There is possibility of our transport. For constant clients and pensioners is discount 10 % provided. In our pets shelter you ll see the care of personnel and feel surprising ability quickly to come into so important contact and to gain confidence of the animal. Here it will easily go through separation from the owner, and constant dialogue will help to adapt faster on new place.

Conditions of the animals maintenance

The hotel for cats is located in cosy Moscow apartment near of metro station Semenovskaya. A shelter for cats near to metro station Shchelkovskaya. Animals here feel home-style comfortably. Each number is equipped by an individual small house, toys and a fresh grass. For constant inhabitants of a shelter, and also for those who stays with us more than 20 days, multilevel numbers where the cat can conduct a high-grade and active way of life are given.

The hotel for dogs and a shelter for dogs settles down near of metro station Shchelkovskaya, and has 20 separate rooms of 6-12 sq.m. Territory is equipped by a zone for walks. Also there are places in the comfortable house located in 25 km from Moscow in picturesque pine wood, with the protected territory for walks (800 square metres) and separate open-air cages on 4 sq.m. For especially exacting clients who have chosen the program "FRIEND", there are separate rooms lux with a warm floor, sofa and constant video supervision.

For rodents is given the separate warm room in the pets shelter where special cages are equipped . Probably also the placing of both in one cage, brought with you or in the cage of the pets shelter.

Someone has got used to "Chappi", someone to "Pedigree", and to someone the squash should be cooked on 3 times a day... Our conditions allow to provide your requirements registered in the contract in all branches. Separate point make the reservation as well additional services in care of the animal, for example such as bathing, combing or cleaning of ears. We will not give up even to sick and old animals, specially for which we develop the complex "low budget program" under supervision of the veterinary surgeon "HAPPY OLD AGE", allowing to provide for your four-footed friend worthy old age, and to you quiet rest and peace of mind.


Dogs: up 170 r / day (not less than 30 days)
Puppies: up 150 r / day (not less than 30 days)
Cats/rabbits: up 100 r / day (not less than 60 days)
Kittens/rodents: up 50 r / day (not less than 60 days)
The program "HAPPY OLD AGE" for dogs: up 150 r / day
The program "HAPPY OLD AGE" for cats/rabbits: up 100 r / day
Veterinary survey free

Contacts by phone: 495 978-0045, 495 744-5746 (cats) we speak english, deutsch


PETS APARTMENT: Moscow city, Budyonnogo prosp.30
PETS SHELTER: Moscow city, metro station Shelkovskaya, housing estate "Sokolniki" file 5 house 1
PETS COTTAGE: Moscow area, village Konjashino, Lesnaya st.8

Account: 40802810600110000199 OAO AKB "BANK OF MOSCOW" Moscow 107996
Correspondent account: 30101810500000000219
BIC: 044525219, IBAN: 771914092088 (KPP:997950001 OKPO:29292940 OGRN:1027700159497)
Beneficiary: IP "MAKOVSKIY P.L"

account: 41001133270386


ATTENTION! Our pets shelter conducts charitable campaign "SEARCH OF NEW OWNER". Wishing to take part in destiny of the thrown animals can make the donation into the charitable account of our pets shelter specified in the bottom of page. The collected means will go on the maintenance and treatment of homeless animals about which destiny you can ask round the clock by phone: 495 978-0045. Helping Homeless Pets was created in December 2004 to help pets who need a new home and to help reduce the number of pets who may become homeless. We do this by directly supporting russian Pet Rescue Association and by educating future and current pet owners. We are working to unite pet rescues across Russia with the knowledge that by working together we can rescue more homeless pets and prevent future homeless pets. With gratitude we will accept also the help in the form of a foodstuff, the beef bones, meat scraps, canned food for dogs, canned food for cats, dry feeds for dogs, dry feeds for cats, accessories for dogs, accessories for cats, clothes for dogs, clothes for cats, the cat's small houses, laying, rugs, mattresses, bowls, trays, small houses, cages, toys, a dressing, syringes. Also you can send us the photo of animals, for placing on our site in the heading "SEARCH OF NEW OWNER" (placing for the term up to 60 days free). All animals placed with us are vaccinated and given TO NEW OWNER FREE. Everyone wishing to shelter a dog or a cat will receive 1 bag of dry feed (10 kg for dog and 2 kg for cat accordingly). There is a possibility to conclude "the guardianship Contract" over an animal who interested to you (details by phone: 495 744-5746). We will be glad to any cooperation with shelters, public organisations in the field of protection of the rights of animals and guardianship over homeless animals in assistance on finding of new owners also in your country. Thank you for understanding.



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